Getting Employees Comfortable Contributing to Social Media Marketing

How to Get Employees Comfortable Contributing to Social Media Marketing this point, almost every business understands the value social media brings to their business.

Whether it is brand visibility, web traffic, or lead generation, social is typically a main strategy that is included in marketing and sales.

With the …

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Can influencer marketing work for pharma on social media? One agency thinks so. legions of followers, the top social media stars are in demand by brands for their broad social media reach and trusted status; new research from influencer marketing agency #paid and Nielsen Consumer Insights found that people trust what they see …

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GoDaddy to acquire social media marketing platform Main Street Hub“GoDaddy’s 17 million small business customers come to us because they know their online presence can help them reach their customers and grow their businesses, but even with the right tools, customers struggle to find the time or know-how to …

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Instagram Influencer Marketing Doubled in 2017 any social media marketing strategist understands, successful influencer posts are not about reaching a mass audience, but about targeting the right consumers based on an influencer’s followers.

In other words, it’s about good segmentation.

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4 Ways to Apply Data Science to Social Media Marketing in 2018 Business Review famously described data science as the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” in 2012, causing a massive explosion in opportunities in this space.

Today, data science has spread its hold over the digital marketing landscape …

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The Vital Importance of Psychology in Social Media Marketing today base their strategies on research, trends and past experience.

Although these are crucial factors, one key aspect which should not be overlooked is understanding how people think and act the way they do.

Understanding how the target …

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