4 Best Practices for Instagram Marketing as Taught by ‘Women’s Best’

5 Amazing Marketing Ideas

https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/5-amazing-marketing-ideas/If you don’t market your services or products, nobody will know they exist.

It sounds obvious… but sometimes, we simply forget to promote.

Here are some important things that can really help gain some exposure.

Provide an e-newsletter Structure a newsletter that will benefit your customers. Include tips, news, events, and special offers that relate to your industry.

Also, you might want to include things that pertain to your own company.

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Social Media Marketing for Small Business

https://www.currantweb.co.uk/social-media-marketing-for-small-business/The vast majority of small businesses make use of social media as a marketing tool, but only a small proportion of them do so with maximum effectiveness.

A recent study found that while more than half of consumers communicate with businesses using social media, only 8 percent were satisfied with the interactions.

If you want to be sure your social media strategy is a success, the following tips will help keep you on the right track.

Start Small

A common rookie mistake when trying to launch a social media marketing campaign is to try to tackle every single channel at once.

This is a poor strategy because each social media channel has a slightly different and specific approach in order to get the most from it.

A better idea is to start small, targeting one or two of the main channels and then building from there once you have mastered the essentials of engaging and targeting your audience.

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6 Tips For Building a Great Personal Brand

Some folks don’t like the term personal brand, as it can sound “salesly” and maybe even a little disingenuous.

But in actuality, you already have a personal brand, and your company relies on the personal brands within it far more than you realize.

What Is A Personal Brand?

The traditional definition of “personal branding” goes a little something like this: the act of marketing yourself and your career as a brand.

And yet, personal branding is so much more than just marketing yourself.

In order to free the phrase from its semantic shackles, let’s give it another name…

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