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Taylor and Francis Informa: Chronology


This chronology is indicative only.

It covers -

  • Beginnings (1734)
  • The golden age of STM publishing (1960)
  • IBC (1985)
  • LLP (1995)
  • Informa (1998)
  • Taylor & Francis and Informa merger (2004)

Context is provided by the broader communications and media timeline.


1734 Lloyd's List first published in London

1797 Richard Taylor becomes apprentice to London printer Jonas Davis

1798 Davis begins printing Alexander Tillich's Philosophical Magazine

1800 Davis sells the business to Taylor's father; Taylor forms partnership with Richard Wilks

1804 Taylor dissolves partnership on becoming master printer

1834 son Dr William Francis joins publishing and printing operation

1836 George Routledge publishes first book

1837 Taylor launches Scientific Memoirs

1837 purchases co-ownership of Magazine of Zoology & Botany

1848 Routledge goes into partnership with WH Warne

1851 goes into partnership with Frederick Warne, founds George Routledge & Co

1851 Nicholas Trübner launches publishing house

1852 establishment of Taylor & Francis when William Francis becomes partner

1858 Routledge, Warne & Routledge established

1863 Edmund Routledge becomes partner, with firm renamed George Routledge & Son

1877 Charles Kegan Paul buys H S King & Co (formed in 1868)

1879 Kegan Paul, Trench & Co formed

1889 speculator Horatio Bottomley merges Trübner & Co with Kegan Paul, Trench & Co as Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co

1901 Adriaan Swets & Heinrich Zeitlinger open scientific bookshop in Amsterdam

1902 Routledge reorganised after financial crisis

1903 Routledge buys J C Nimmo & Bain (formed 1879)

1912 merges with Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co as Routledge & Kegan Paul

1917 Taylor & Francis buys Charles Jones & Co. printers

1918 Swets buys Eisendraht bookshop

1917 son WA Swets founds subscription service

1936 Taylor & Francis becomes private limited company

1940 Maurits Dekker founds Interscience Publishers

1957 Frank Cass founded

The golden age of scientific publishing

1960 International Business Conferences (later IBC) founded

1960 Learning International founded

1961 Interscience merges with John Wiley & Sons

1963 Marcel Dekker founded by son of Maurits Dekker

1965 Taylor & Francis begins book publishing with Wykeham Publications

1965 Learning International acquired by Xerox

1967 Taylor & Francis launches Journal of Natural History

1970 Curzon Press founded

1972 Carfax founded

1972 AA Balkema founded

1973 Irvine Laidlaw founds IIR as publisher of international newsletters

1973 Kaset International founded

1977 Zenger Miller founded by Jack Zenger and Dale Miller

1978 Gordon & Breach buys Harwood Academic

1978 IIR enters conference business in UK

1979 Swets & Zeitlinger bookshop closes

1980 Robbins-Gioia founded by John Robbins and Jack Gioia

1982 Taylor & Francis opens first international office (in New York)


1985 IBC Group plc listed on the London Stock Exchange

1986 buys Stonehart Publications

1986 IIR acquires Northwest Centre for Professional Education (US real estate conference organiser)

1988 Taylor & Francis acquires Hemisphere Publishing from Murdoch's News group after takeover of Harper & Row

1988 Taylor & Francis renamed Taylor & Francis Group

1989 Bios Scientific founded

1989 IIR acquires American Institute networking and data communications training

1989 Learning International, Zenger Miller and Kaset International acquired by Times Mirror as the Times Mirror Training Group

1990 Taylor & Francis exits from the printing business

1990 Murdoch's HarperCollins sells Unwin Hyman academic division to Routledge

1994 Taylor & Francis acquires psychology publisher Accelerated Developments, Inc.

1994 acquires Lawrence Erlbaum Associates


1995 LLP Group plc formed through MBO of Lloyds of London Press, publishing division of Lloyds insurance market

1995 IIR buys Council on Education in Management

1996 Taylor & Francis acquires Garland Publishing

1997 Thomson sells EF Spon

1997 Times-Mirror merges Zenger Miller, Learning International and Kaset International as AchieveGlobal

1997 IIR buys ESI International

1998 Taylor & Francis goes public on London Stock Exchange

1998 buys Routledge (including Routledge, Spon Press and Carfax) for £90m

1998 begins distribution in the Asia/Pacific region

1998 IIR starts Abbey Business Centres, UK-based serviced office business


1998 Informa formed through merger of IBC Group and LLP Group

1998 buys Stewart Productions Ltd (Neil Stewart Associates)

1998 LLP listed on London Stock Exchange

1999 IIR buys Omega Performance Corporation

1999 Taylor & Francis buys Martin Dunitz for US$18.02m

1999 acquires Europa Publications

1999 Informa buys 60 subscription based newsletters, seven magazines, 600 management reports and 24 directories from Financial Times Business Ltd (FTB)

1999 buys Baskerville Communications Corporation

1999 buys finance and insurance, maritime trade & transport and commercial fishing publications from Emap for £28m

1999 buys Washington Policy & Analysis Inc

1999 buys aviation specialist Linkraven

1999 buys Daily Commercial News from APN News & Media for $10m

2000 Taylor & Francis acquires journals division of Scandanavian University Press

2000 Swets Blackwell created through merger of Swets Subscription Services and Blackwell's Information Services

2000 Informa buys portfolio of products in the maritime, trade and transport magazines, directories, yearbooks, management reports and events from IIR

2000 Informa buys Auscom Publishing Pty Ltd (ICT publications) for $1.9m

2000 buys BISYS Research Services Inc. from The BISYS Group

2000 IIR buys Huthwaite

2000 buys AchieveGlobal from Tribune for US$100m

2001 Informa buys Opleinding en Ontwikkeling Breda BV and Select Seminars BV

2001 buys MCM (formerly McCarthy Crisanti Maffei) for £30.5m

2001 buys Eaton Massachusetts Business Trust (BioTechniques journal) for US$32.1m

2001 Taylor & Francis buys Gordon & Breach Publishing Group (including Harwood Academic) for £22.8m

2001 Swets Blackwell buys Martinus Nijhoff International

2001 Taylor & Francis buys Curzon Press

2002 buys Fitzroy Deanborn Publishers (FDP) for £3.1m

2002 offers US$300m for Blackwell Publishers

2002 bids for Wolters Kluwer's Kluwer Academic Publishers (acquired by Candover and Cinven)

2002 IIR buys Communispond

2003 IIR buys Forum

2003 Taylor & Francis buys Bios Scientific Publishers for £2.7m

2003 buys CRC Press (32 journals and 352 books) from Information Holdings for US$95m

2003 buys Dekker group from Marcel Dekker, Inc. for US$138.6m

2003 buys Frank Cass & Co. for £11.3m

2003 buys Swets & Zeitlinger Publishers for €16.7m

2003 Swets Blackwell renamed Swets Information Services after Swets buys Blackwell stake

2003 Taylor & Francis buys AA Balkema

2003 Informa buys MMS group for US$37m


2004 Taylor & Francis merges with Informa as T&F Informa

2005 buys IIR for £768m