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Springer: landmarks


This chronology is indicative only.

Context is provided by the broader communications and media timeline on this site.


1786 Vieweg publishing house founded

1842 Julius Springer (1847-77) opens bookshop in Berlin, founds Springer-Verlag

1858 sells bookshop to specialise in publishing

1859 launches Pharmazeutische Centralhalle für Deutschland

1875 publishes Handbuch der Pharmazeutischen Praxis

1879 Birkhäuser founded

1889 A. E. Kluwer founds Kluwer publishing house

1917 Springer buys JF Bergman Verlag (est 1878)

1918 Ferdinand Springer founds Mathematische Zeitschrift

1920 Springer acquires Mathematische Annalen journal

1920 acquires Archiv für pathologische Anatomie

1921 acquires August Hirschwald Verlag

1924 founding of Springer-Verlag Vienna

1931 acquires FCW Vogel Verlag (est 1730)

1935 Aryanisation of Springer Verlag by German government


1946 Springer opens offices in Göttingen and Heidelberg

1947 Robert Maxwell (through European Periodicals, Publicity & Advertising Co (EPPAC)) becomes UK distributor for Springer

1948 EPPAC absorbed by Lange, Maxwell & Springer

1948 Butterworth-Springer formed

1951 Maxwell gains control of UK joint venture, renamed Pergamon Press

1953 Bertelsmann Fachzeitschriften publishing house founded

1957 Heinz Götze (1912-2001) becomes partner in Springer Verlag

1964 founding of Springer-Verlag New York

1970 Bertelsmann buys Verlag Heinrich Vogel (founded 1935)

1973 Bertelsmann buys Münchener Medizin Verlag, successor to Münchener Medizinische Wochenschrift (founded 1853)

1974 Bertelsmann acquires Vieweg publishing house

1977 Bertelsmann acquires majority shares in ibau publishing house (gains remainder in 1994)

1977 Springer acquires Eastern Book Service in Tokyo

1978 Bertelsmann absorbs Gabler Verlag ( founded 1929)

1979 Bertelsmann absorbs Heinze Verlag

1980 Springer buys Steinkopff Verlag (est 1898)

1983 Springer absorbs economics publiser Physica

1986 Springer-Verlag France founded

1989 Bertelsmann acquires 100% of Ärzte Zeitung Verlagsgesellschaft

1990 Bertelsmann founds Etrasa, Spanish driving school publishing house

1992 Bertelsmann founds Czech driving school publishing house Vogel Media

1994 Bertelsmann buys French publisher Codes Rousseau.

1994 Springer acquires Munich medical publisher Urban & Vogel

1994 Bertelsmann buys 50% of Groupe Impact Médecin, Paris

1980 Springer acquires Steinkopff publishing house in Darmstadt

1983 founding of Springer Tokyo

1985 Springer acquires Birkhäuser

1994 Bertelsmann buys French specialist publishing house Codes Rousseau and 50% of Groupe Impact Médecin

1994 Bertelsmann buys German publisher Ibau

1998 Wolters Kluwer abandons proposed merger with Reed Elsevier

1998 Bertelsmann buys Random House from Advance and merges it with Bantam Doubleday Dell

1998 sells Buch AG

1998 buys Dinter Verlag

1999 acquires Burda shares in HOS multimedica and LIFELINE.

1999 buys Hungarian driving school publisher Müszaki Könyvkiadó

1999 buys building publiser Meritum (Slovakia)

1999 buys French building publisher SDEP

1999 Swiss municipalities magazine publisher Forum Press AG Schweiz


1999 Bertelsmann buys majority share in scientific publishing house Springer-Verlag, forms BertelsmannSpringer

1999 MMV Medien & Medizin Verlagsgesellschaft merges with Urban & Vogel

1999 acquisition of scientific publisher B G Teubner

1999 buys French medical publisher Valdemars

2000 BertelsmannSpringer buys Media Data Germany, Bauverlag and Autoflotte Verlag, Media Data AG in Zürich and Septima Verlag in Paris from EMAP

2000 buys Swiss driving school publisher Die Führerprüfung

2000 BertelsmannSpringer buys Pragueconstruction publisher Renata Film

2000 acquires Swiss construction publisher Schück Söhne

2000 buys Rot Gelb Grün Verlag

2000 buys B2B motorcycle dealer magazine Bike + Business

2000 sells Deutsche Finanzdienstleistungs- Informationszentrums GmbH to cash-medien AG

2000 buys Hungarian building magazine Családi Ház

2000 buys Slovakian magazine TRUCKER CS Edition

2000 buys Falken Verlag in Germany

2001 BertelsmannSpringer buys Belgian architectural consultancy PluspointMarketing and ArchiPoint online service

2001 buys Swiss transport industry publications INUFA Transportrundschau (ITR) and INUFA Katalog

2001 buys Belgian CoboSystems construction product information system (est 1989)

2002 Springer acquires medical publisher Medicom Italia

2002 acquires med-online, apo-online and dent-online journals

2002 gains majority share of Austrian publisher Kompetenz Verlag

2002 acquire Bundesbaublatt

2002 gains stake in the software developer L&R Lehnert und Rudholzner Hard- und Softwarevertriebsgesellschaft

2002 acquires Belgian construction publisher MediaOffice

2002 sells Dinter Verlag to Konrad Nagl

2002 acquires online newspaper Netzeitung (Spray Network N.V) from Lycos Europe

Candover and Cinven sales

2002 London-based private equity funds Candover and Cinven buy Kluwer Academic Publishers

2003 acquires 11 journals (inc Natur und Recht, Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift, Wasser und Boden, Gesunde Pflanzen, Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde and Zeitschrift für Jagdwissenschaft) and seven book titles from Blackwell

2003 BertelsmannSpringer buys social sciences publisher Leske + Budrich Verlag

2003 sells Netzeitung

2003 sells Bertelsmann Information Professionelle to MBO led by former managing director Frédéric Jean-Karl Maout

2003 Cinven and Candover acquire BertelsmannSpringer for €1.05bn, announce plans to merge Kluwer Academic Publishers and BertelsmannSpringer

Springer Science + Business Media

2004 BertelsmannSpringer relaunched as Springer Science+Business Media

2004 buys Forum Institut für Management GmbH in Heidelberg

2004 sells of CoboSystems to Dutch publisher Arko Uitgeverij BV

2004 sells PlusPointMarketing in Belgium to MBO led by former owner Raymond Scheepers

2004 sells of ABI Building Data to EMAP

2004 sells Vieweg magazine Umweltpraxis to Deutscher Fachverlag

2004 merges Westdeutscher Verlag and Verlag Leske + Budrich as VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften

2004 sells Media Office to Roularta

2005 Birkhäuser becomes majority shareholder in Swiss house Lars Müller Publishers (founded by graphic designer Lars Müller in 1983)

2005 SSBM acquires marketing communication magazine ReclameWeek and media trade magazine Identity Matters from Het Dozijn Uitgeefprojekten in the Netherlands

2005 sells of ArchiPoint to CoboSystems N.V.

2005 buys Rendement Uitgeverij (Rotterdam), Checklist Publishing (Dordrecht), educational publisher Uitgeverij Goed Bestuur (Rotterdam) and service company Publicount (Rotterdam) in the Netherlands

2005 sells Infobuild to Draaiboomken N.V., winding up Springer Science+Business Media Benelux N.V.

2005 buys Brouwer Media from Consolidated Graphics Industries of the Netherlands

2005 acquires Current Medicine Group (CMG) - Current Medicine Group Ltd (London), Science Press Internet Services Limited (London), Current Medicine LLC (Philadelphia) and Current Science Inc (Philadelphia)

2005 buys Stiller Informationsmarketing in Celle/Germany

2006 acquires healthcare publishers Axioma Communicatie BV and Uitgeverij Fundament

2006 acquires Hubert Ebner Verlags in Austria

2006 sells of Grupa Image in Poland to MBO led by former owner Witold Wisniewski

2006 acquires clinical biology publisher BioTribune SA (est 2001)

2006 acquires Humana Press