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Reuters: landmarks


This chronology is indicative only.

Context is provided by the broader communications and media timeline.


1849 Paul Julius Reuter uses pigeons to fly stock market prices between Aachen and Brussels

1851 Reuter opens office in City of London that transmits stock market quotations between London and Paris via new Calais-Dover cable

1862 alliance with US Associated Press

1863 Reuter builds telegram line between Wales and Ireland

1865 Reuters Telegram Company goes public

1865 opens office in Alexandria in 1865

1868 alliance with UK Central Press Agency

1868 opens office in Bombay

1868 first agreement with UK Press Association (PA) to provide foreign news services

1870 Reuters operates joint news service with UK Press Association until 1960s

1871 Reuters opens agency in Shanghai

1872 Reuters opens agencies in Far East

1874 Reuters opens agencies in South America

1883 Reuters uses 'column printer' to transmit messages to London newspapers

1889 Julius de Reuter co-founds Imperial Bank of Persia

1915 Roderick Jones gains control of Reuters after death of Herbert de Reuter

1923 Reuters uses radio to transmit news internationally

Control by newspapers

1925 UK Press Association takes majority stake in Reuters Ltd

1927 Reuters introduces teleprinter for sending information to London newspapers

1939 Reuters moves corporate headquarters to 85 Fleet Street, London

1941 Reuter Trust was formed to "safeguard the neutrality and independence of Reuters"

1947 Australian Associated Press (AAP) and New Zealand Press Association become co-owners with UK Press Association

1964 Stockmaster financial information service launched as joint venture with Ultronic Systems

1973 Reuter Monitor foreign exchange electronic marketplace launched

1973 Michael Lipper founds Lipper Analytical Services

1981 Reuter Monitor Dealing Service launched

Public company

1984 Reuters floated as public company on London Stock Exchange and US NASDAQ

1985 Reuters buys Visnews (renamed Reuters Television

1986 buys Instinet

1994 buys TIBCO (formerly Teknekron)

1994 buys Quotron

1994 buys UK radio broadcaster LNR

1994 launches Reuters Television service for financial markets

1996 Island ECN founded

1996 Reuters sells most of LNR to DMG, ITN and GWR

Financial data services

1998 buys Lipper Analytical Services (renamed Lipper Inc)

1998 takes stake in Datamonitor

1998 buys Agence Presse Medicale (APM)

1999 buys buys Hardwick Stafford Wright - supplier of fund performance information to the UK industry

1999 buys BOPP ISB AG - Swiss provider of fund performance and analysis

1999 buys majority stake in TowerGroup, US finance sector IT specialists

2000 buys CAMRA fund portfolio information and analysis service

2000 buys BT Alex Brown Investment Trusts data services

2000 takes major stake in US-based IT forecasters Yankee Group for US$72.5m

2000 buys ORT corporate information service in France

2000 market capitalisation reaches £23bn

2001 floats part of Instinet

2001 buys Bridge Information Systems for US$275 million

2001 buys Diagram, French back-office services agency, for US$68 million

2002 subsidiary Instinet buys rival Island ECN for US$508m

2002 capitalisation down to £1.4bn

2002 sells stake in LNR

2004 pays £97m for loss-making market data group Moneyline Telerate from JP Morgan Chase unit One Equity Partners

2005 buys Action Images sports photography agency

2006 pays US$41m for Application Networks (risk management software firm)

2006 Reuters agrees to sell its 50% stake in Factiva to joint venture partner Dow Jones for US$160m