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Perskor, TML and Caxton/CTP: landmarks


This chronology is indicative only.

It covers -

  • antecedents (1857)
  • Rand Daily Mail (1902)
  • the Express (1934)
  • Financial Mail (1951)
  • TML (1987)
  • after Apartheid (1994)

Context is provided by the broader communications and media timeline on this site.


1652 Jan Van Riebeeck arrives in the Cape

1814 Cape becomes crown colony of Great Britain

1834 Boers move inland and start the Great Trek

1854 contract of Bloemfontein, foundation of Orange Free State

1857 launch of The Cape Argus

1866 establishment of The Argus Printing & Publishing Company

1889 establishment of Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company (JCI)

1902 Boer Republics became British Crown Colonies

1902 William Gindra and Edward Green establish Caxton printery in Pretoria

1910 establishment of the Union of South Africa

Rand Daily Mail

1902 Rand Daily Mail launched by Harry Freeman Cohen

1904 Rand Daily Mail taken over by Abe Bailey

1906 launch of Johannesburg Sunday Times

1910 Argus, the Rand Daily Mail and Cape Times form partnership with Reuters to establish local agency

1917 Anglo American Corporation founded by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer

1926 Anglo American becomes largest single shareholder in De Beers

The Express

1934 Sunday Express launched by Arthur Barlow

1935 Sunday Express acquired by I. W. Schlesinger

1935 Schlesinger relaunches Sunday Express in Johannesburg

1935 Schlesinger launches Sunday Tribune in Durban

1937 launches daily Express and Tribune

1939 Argus, Rand Daily Mail and Sunday Times buy Schlesinger's operations (Sunday Times gains Sunday Express, Argus gains Sunday Tribune and Daily Express)

1939 Sunday Express acquired by Rand Daily Mail

1939 establishment of South African Press Association

1947 Caxton Ltd goes public

1948 National Party wins election

1950 Population Registration Act

Financial Mail

1951 African Drum founded by Jim Bailey

1953 Public Safety Act and Criminal Law Amendment Act

1959 Financial Mail launched by South African Associated Newspapers (40%) and UK Financial Times (50%)

1960 Sharpeville Massacre

1960 Imvo Zabantsundu (est 1884) acquired by Perskor

1961 Caxton acquires The South African Jewish Times, its first newspaper

1961 Anglo American buys stake in Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Company

1964 Sunday Express Ltd and Argus form 50/50 arrangement to publish new Sunday Chronicle

1965 establishment of South African Associated Newspapers (SAAN), inc Rand Daily Mail and Sunday Express

1966 Sunday Times launches Business Times

1967 Anglo American establishes timber, pulp and paper Mondi Group

1968 Caxton acquired by Felix Stark of Felstar Publications, launches The Germiston Eagle as prototype community newspaper

1971 launches monthly free Blackheath Times, later launched Sandton Chronicle, North Eastern Tribune, Northcliff and Blackheath Times, Randburg Sun, Southern Courier, Mayfair-Brixton, Newlands-Melville Telegraph, Rosebank Killarney Gazette and the Roodepoort Record

1971 Afrikaans Sundays Die Beeld (Nasionale Pers) and Dagbreek (Perskor) merge as jointly-owned Rapport

1974 SAAN buys Financial Times stake for R180,000

1976 English language daily tabloid daily The Citizen launched by Louis Luyt with funds from South African government, subsequently sold to Perskor

1976 Soweto Uprising

1978 Terrence Moolman and Noel Coburn buy stake in Caxton

1978 Argus launches Post Transvaal

1979 agreement with Argus Group over printing operations

1984 Argus launches Sunday Star

1985 reverse take-over of CTP (Cape and Transvaal Printers)

1985 SAAN closes Rand Daily Mail and Sunday Express

1987 Caxton buys KNL Web Printers in Isando from Nasionale Pers and Barlows

1987 buys Solchem, largest SA supplier of newspaper ink

1987 Caxton and Argus Newspaper Group joint venture - Newspaper Marketing Bureau (NMB) - to market print media to national advertisers


1987 South African Associated Newspapers formally changes name to Times Media Ltd (TML)

1988 Caxton buys Horters Ltd printing and packaging group

1993 Anglo American and Minorco exit from Charter Consolidated

After Apartheid

1994 election of ANC government

1994 31% of Argus Group acquired by Tony O’Reilly's INM from Anglo American, becomes Independent Newspapers Holdings Ltd (INHL)

1995 Caxton unwinds links with Argus Group

1995 INHL and Caxton dissolve NMB partnership

1995 JCI becomes Johnnies Industrial Corporation Limited when Anglo American Corporation splits JCI interests into JCI (gold), Amplats (platinum) and Johnnic (industrial and media)

1995 Caxton / CTP restructured under CTP banner and forms partnership with National Empowerment Consortium (NEC)

1996 NEC buys 35% of Johnnic, which in turn owns 43% of Omni Media Corporation (which has 92% of TML)

1997 INHL sells 42.5% stake in The Sowetan for R62m

1997 TML sells 50% of BDFM (Business Day, Financial Mail and African Business Channel) to Pearson

1998 merger of Caxton and Perskor

1998 Anglo American merges with Minorco to form Anglo American plc

1998 TML and New Africa Publications launch Sunday World

1999 Caxton Perskor sells City Press and Rapport stake to Naspers

1999 INHL buys out minority shareholders in Argus

1999 TML launches and folds Sportsday

1999 TML sells 30% of Daily Dispatch to black empowerment consortium Isivuno for R15m

2001 TML becomes Johnnic Publishing

2001 Anglo American unwinds cross-holding with De Beers