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MediaNews Group


The MediaNews group has newspaper and minor online interests across the US.

The group

Denver-based MediaNews is controlled by entrepreneur Dean Singleton and associates.

It claims to be the seventh largest newspaper company in the US, with 51 daily newspapers in ten states (California, the Rocky Mountain region and Northeast) - including the Salt Lake Tribune - and 94 non-daily publications. It owns a CBS-affiliate television station in Alaska and has minor radio broadcasting operations in Texas and Alaska.

In April 2006, as part of the break-up of Knight Ridder, McClatchy announced that it would sell The San Jose Mercury News and The Contra Costa Times to MediaNews in partnership with Gannett and the Arkansas-based Stephens Group. McClatchy would also sell The Pioneer Press in St Paul and The Herald in Monterey County in California to Hearst. Under a separate agreement Hearst would then transfer the St Paul and Monterey titles to MediaNews in exchange for an equity stake in the assets of MediaNews that are outside of the San Francisco Bay Area (eg The Denver Post and some 40 other titles).

A spokesman for Hearst was reported as commenting that Hearst was essentially lending MediaNews money to buy the newspapers.

In the California partnership MediaNews will control 54% and run the newspapers; Gannett will have a 19% interest and Stephens a 26% interest.

An indication of MediaNews' history is here.


There is no substantial English-language study of the group. Singleton appears in Nicholas Coleridge's chatty Paper Tigers (London: Heinemann 1993).