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The Daily Nonpareil

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The Daily Nonpareil
535 West Broadway, Suite 300
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
United States
(712) 328-1811, (800) 283-1882 - (Toll Free)
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The Daily Nonpareil

The Daily Nonpareil is one of the oldest businesses in Council Bluffs, out dating even the Union Pacific Railroad by nearly 10 years.

For a long time, newspapers were basically political organs, Roenfeld said, adding that each paper still served the public interest. Every political group used a paper to bash their opponents. City, state, federal government all ran on the spoil system so every time there was a new leader, everything changed hands.

So the Democratic paper would have written editorials and done stories to make the Republicans and The Nonpareil look bad.

Within two weeks of setting foot back in town, Maynard published the first issue of The Nonpareil on May 2, 1857. It was four pages long, eight columns wide and 23 inches deep. It was published every Saturday at 1 Palmer Block (the northwest corner of Broadway and Scott Street today) and said in no uncertain terms that The Nonpareil partakes of the Republican caste, that party being the nearest representation of our political proclivities.

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