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Trivista Media Corp.

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Trivista Media Corp.
590 Madison Ave,21st Floor
New York, NY 10022
United States
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Trivista Media Corp.

Founded in 2005, Trivista Media Corporation is a national out-of-home media company specializing in mobile billboards. Our rotating billboards have an eye catching unique triangular design that is much more effective than the one dimensional mobile ads of our competitors. The competitive advantage is the ability to be seen from all angles at any given time. As advertisers began requesting other services on OOH advertising we recognized the demand and have expanded. We use the following additional services:

Our Services:

  • Flexibility is the greatest part of using our mobile billboards as they can be driven anywhere and allow you to take advantage of all three panels for your campaign.
  • Our trucks can be used from 8 to 12 hours per day with fully illuminated billboards during evening campaigns.
  • Audio capabilities are enabled, allowing you to use a radio spot while driving through busy intersections.
  • Tell us your preferred locations and we will be there. We will also recommend the most efficient and optimal route for efficiency.
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