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Do It Outdoors, Inc

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Do It Outdoors, Inc
3111 Farmtrail Road
York, PA 17406
United States
(888) 852-9143
(717) 852-9199
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Do It Outdoors, Inc

do it outdoors is the nation’s largest mobile promotions company, owned and operated for over ten years. Our nationwide fleet of mobile billboards and award-winning brand activation ambassador promotions are the best medium to reach your target audience due to a growing trend:

do it outdoors was founded on providing unique advertising opportunities that gets your message noticed. To do so, we strive to provide our advertisers with an elite fleet of mobile billboards, skilled brand activation ambassadors and excellent customer service. We treat each advertising campaign as a unique situation by providing customized programs to meet your needs.

To stay in the forefront of the industry, Regis Maher II is an active board member of the OAAA Non-Traditional STAR Council. As a member, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Respect the environment
  • Maintain a good working relationship with the local communities
  • Provide an effective, attractive product
  • Support worthy public causes
  • Observe the highest free speech standards
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