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Latin America

This page identifies Latin American media groups profiled on this site. The Latin American market has been colonised by some European groups, eg by Madrid-based PRISA. Local groups often derive much of their revenue from the US and Europe.

  • Azteca - Mexican commercial television and radio broadcaster and audiovisual producer
  • Abril - press and broadcast conglomerate active in South America and the EU
  • Cisneros - babyfood to broadcast conglomerate
  • Globo Media - Brazilian print and broadcast conglomerate
  • Televisa - Mexican radio, recording, publishing and tv group
  • PRISA - Spanish broadcasting, newspaper and book-publishing conglomerate

We've suggested that major Latin American media groups have "gone global" (whether through alliances or through direct investment) because the most lucrative markets for their products lie outside region.

The global Spanish-speaking market, for example, is as large as 330 million consumers - of which 24 million are located in the US and 39 million in the EU (principally in Spain). Revenue from the US and Spain dwarfs that of domestic markets: peak audience figures are found within Latin America but the big money comes from sales to overseas. Investment offshore also offsets the uncertainty of life in troubled regimes such as Venezuela.

During 1998 there were around 7.5 million Mexicans in the US. One in six people from El Salvador migrated to the US in the preceding decade. Over 15 million people born in Latin America have now settled in the US and the Latino population is expected to be larger than that of the African American population by the middle of this century. In Europe around 18% of the foreigners in Spain are from Latin America