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Landmark Group


The Landmark group of the USA has newspaper, magazine and broadcast interests.

The group

The group has minor newspaper interests in the southern US but is primarily known for the Weather Channel - devoted as one might expect to the weather. It formerly included cable tv network TeleCable, aquired by TCI for US$1.8 billion.

The group is controlled by the Batten family, which has a substantial stake in open source packager Red Hat. It enjoyed less success with Landmark's open source offshoot Great Bridge and with The Travel Channel.

An indication of group's history is here.


There is no substantial study of the Landmark group. Founder Frank Batten Sr. collaborated with Jeffrey Cruikshank on The Weather Channel…The Improbable Rise of a Media Phenomenon (Boston: Harvard Business School Press 2002). For Red Hat see Robert Young's boy's-own-tale Under the Radar: How Red Hat changed the software business and beat Microsoft (New York: Coriolis 1999).