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Germany: Advocacy & Research

Advocacy and research

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Owners of the daily press in Germany are organised in the Bundesverband Deutscher Zeitungsverleger (BDZV), a participant in the European Newspaper Publishers Association (ENPA). Magazine publishers are represented by the Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger (VDZ).

The Verband Privater Rundfunk & Telekommunikation (VPRT) serves as an umbrella body for the commercial radio and television sector. The Zentralverband der Deutschen Werbewirtschaft (ZAW) is the German industry association for the communications sector.

In Switzerland the main employers' organisation is the Swiss Association of Newspapers & Magazine Publishers (Swiss Press).


There are two major organisations. The Deutscher Journalisten Verband (DJV) competes with the Verein Deutsche Industrie (VER.DI), the German Trade Federation.

The main professional groups in Switzerland are the Swiss Association of Journalists (SVJ), the Swiss Syndicate of Media Professionals (SSM) and the Swiss Journalist's Union (Comedia).