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Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some questions about site use -

Contact us if you have other queries.

Yes, please do. We welcome non-commercial links to

As a courtesy, we would like to know that a link is being made - why not simply send an email to feedback at ketupa dot net?

What about deep-linking?

It's ok to link to the home page or to a subsidiary page.

Can I frame your site?

No, please don't.

If you do, you must not obscure identifying information or otherwise lead a viewer to believe that the pages from this site are the property of another entity.

I want to copy text published on your site

In general, feel free to reproduce 'non-substantial' extracts from material published on this website as long as copying is being done on a non-commercial basis and you clearly identify as the author and cite our URL.

We have responded to particular requests by formally authorizing reproduction of substantial extracts or whole pages: contact us if you have a particular need. We have also taken action in Australia and overseas against individuals and businesses who have ripped us off.

Contact us and we'll discuss how we can meet your requirements.

Can I make a hardcopy?

You may prefer to read from a printout rather than from the screen. If so, please feel free to make a single copy for personal use.

What data do you collect about my visit to the site?

We do not engage in systematic data profiling and do not attempt to identify individual users/IP addresses.

Our collection of data varies; essentially we collect and analyse basic web metrics information - such as whether particular pages are being accessed, whether traffic is coming from dot au domains or overseas, the ratio of .gov to .com to .org traffic - so that we can improve this site.

What about email and mailing lists?

We don't sell or give away email addresses. If you contact us with a query you can be sure we won't incorporate the address in a database for subsequent sale.

Similarly, we don't spam.

Like many businesses, we maintain databases of professional contacts and customer addresses. Our privacy policy is concerned with information - we thus give the same protection to snailmail and electronic lists.

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If you still uncertain about what you can do with this site? Don't hesitate to contact us.