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It covers -

* US television broadcasting
* US radio broadcasting
* US cable television
* international satellite and cable
* film/television production and distribution
* book publishing
* magazines and newspapers
* resources, financial, retail
* multimedia
* music
* theatre
* sports franchises
* theme parks, resorts and property
* cruises

ABC/Capital Cities Television Network

Owned-&-operated terrestrial broadcast television stations in the US include -

WLS - Chicago

WJRT - Flint

KFSN - Fresno

KTRK - Houston

KABC - Los Angeles

WABC - New York City

WPVI - Philadelphia

WTVD - Raleigh - Durham

KGO - San Francisco

WTVG - Toledo

Radio Broadcasting

WKHX - Atlanta

WYAY - Atlanta

WDWD - Atlanta

WMVP - Chicago

WLS - Chicago

WXCD - Chicago

WBAP - Dallas

KSCS - Dallas

WDRQ - Detroit

WJR - Detroit

WPLT - Detroit

KABC - Los Angeles

KLOS - Los Angeles

KTZN - Los Angeles

KQRS - Minneapolis-St Paul

KXXR - Minneapolis-St Paul

KDIZ - Minneapolis-St Paul

KZNR - Minneapolis-St Paul

KZNT - Minneapolis-St Paul

KZNZ - Minneapolis-St Paul

WABC - New York City

WPLJ - New York City

KGO - San Francisco

KSFO - San Francisco

WMAL - Washington DC

WJZW - Washington DC

WRQX - Washington DC

ESPN Radio (syndicated programming)

Cable Television

The Disney Channel

Toon Disney

ESPN Inc. (80% - Hearst Corporation owns the remaining 20%) includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News, ESPN Now, ESPN Extreme

Classic Sports Network (with Liberty)

A&E Television (37.5%, with Hearst and GE)

The History Channel (with Hearst and GE)

Lifetime Television (50%, with Hearst)

Lifetime Movie Network (50% with Hearst)

E! Entertainment (34.4%) - Comcast, MediaOne and Liberty Media each have 10.4% stakes

Fox Family (from News in July 2001)

TVA (20% with Hearst) - Brazilian group controlled by Abril

International satellite and cable content

The Disney Channel UK

The Disney Channel Taiwan

The Disney Channel Australia

The Disney Channel Malaysia

The Disney Channel France

The Disney Channel Middle East

The Disney Channel Italy

The Disney Channel Spain

ESPN INC. International Ventures

Eurosport (33%) - pan-European satellite delivered sports programming service

Sportsvision of Australia (25%)

ESPN Brazil (50%)

ESPN STAR (50%) - sports programming throughout Asia

Net STAR (33%) owners of The Sports Network of Canada

Other international partnerships (all minority ownership)

Tele-Munchen - German television production and distribution

RTL-2 - German television production and distribution (parent RTL is controlled by Pearson and Bertelsmann)

Hamster Productions - French television production

TV Sport of France

Tesauro of Spain

Scandinavian Broadcasting System

Eurosport of London

Japan Sports Channel

Film/Television Production and Distribution

Walt Disney Pictures

Buena Vista Television

Touchstone Pictures

Touchstone Television

Walt Disney Television

Walt Disney Television Animation (has three wholly owned production facilities outside the United States - Japan, Australia, Canada)

Hollywood Pictures

Caravan Pictures

Miramax Films

Buena Vista Home Video

Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Buena Vista International


Book Publishing

Walt Disney Company Book Publishing

Hyperion Books

Miramax Books

Magazines and newspapers

Magazine titles include:

Automotive Industries

Biography (with GE and Hearst)


Disney Adventures

Disney Magazine

ECN News

ESPN Magazine (distributed by Hearst)

Family Fun

Family PC

Institutional Investor



Kentucky Prairie Farmer


Los Angeles

Multichannel News


Top Famille (France)

Video Business


Daily Newspapers

Albany Democrat

County Press

Daily Tidings

Oakland Press & Reminder

Narragansett Times

St. Louis Daily Record


Penny Power

Sutton Industries

Resources, Financial and Retail

Crude petroleum and natural gas production interests

The Disney Store - retail stores carrying related Disney merchandise (660 store world-wide as of April 2000; 313 owned-&-operated stores in US offloaded to Children's Place chain in 2004)


Buena Vista Internet Group

ABC Internet Group

Mr. Showbiz

Disney Online (web sites and content)

Disney's Daily Blast



ESPN Internet Group (60%)

Go Network [being wound down as at Feb 2001]

Infoseek (43%)

Disney Interactive (develops/markets computer software, video games, CD-ROMs)


Buena Vista Music Group

Hollywood Records ( popular music and soundtracks for motion pictures)

Lyric Street Records (Nashville based country music label)

Mammoth Records (popular and alternative music label)

Walt Disney Records


Walt Disney Theatrical Productions (productions include stage version of The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, King David)

subsection heading icon Sports Franchises

Anaheim Sports, Inc.

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (National Hockey League)

Disney's interests in the Anaheim Angels were sold in 2003

Theme Parks & Resorts

Disneyland - Anaheim

Disney-MGM Studios

Disneyland Paris

Disney Regional Entertainment (entertainment and theme dining in metropolitan areas)

Disneyland Resort

Disney Vacation Club


Magic Kingdom

Tokyo Disneyland (partial ownership)

Walt Disney World - Orlando

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney-MGM Studios

Walt Disney World Sports Complex (golf course, auto racing track and baseball complex)


Disney Cruise Line