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Norwegian A-pressen group


This profile deals with the Norwegian A-pressen group.

It covers -

  • introduction
  • evolution of the group
  • holdings
  • studies


The Nordic A-pressen group is the majority owner of 45 Norwegian newspapers, has a 33% share of commercial television broadcast network TV2 and indirect interests in TVNorge. It is 29% owned by Sanoma WSOY.

A-pressen's corporate site is here.

Evolution of the group

The Oslo-based group was established in the 1940s but traces its origins to establishment of the workers newspaper Vort Arbeid in 1884. It has been strongly associated with the Norwegian Labour movement: for most of its history and that of its predecessors the A-pressen newspapers were owned by the Social Democratic Party or trade union organisations. Its site boasts that "First came the newspaper, then the party".

Adverse markets since the 1950s resulted in closure of a number of local Left newspapers and, ultimately, flotation of A-pressen.

A history is here.

As of 2001 A-pressen was the majority owner of 45 local and regional newspapers. It also owns has stakes (under 50%) in five newspapers. 42 of the newspapers are leaders in their markets. It owns eight printing companies and is the majority owner of the A-pressen Interaktiv and Funn internet companies. It has a 65% stake in printing and publishing operations in Russia.

The group's main assets now involve television.

A-pressen is the major owner (with Schibsted) of national network TV2, which has a substantial stake in the newer TVNorge. It had over 40% of the Oslo local television that went bankrupt in 1998. It is the majority shareholder in four other local television stations and through its newspapers has stakes in another four local stations.


An indication of the group's holdings is here.


There's no major English-language study of A-pressen.

The Schibsted, Bonnier, Sanoma, Alma and Orkla profiles highlight works about markets and regulation.